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We deploy our proven Social Graph technology to help advocacy organizations identify, persuade, and mobilize their targets in Washington and around the country.

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Applecart's influencer targeting works at every level


Penetrate the networks of key legislators and regulators in Washington D.C., state capitals, and municipalities around the country.

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Identify your natural supporters, target the right influencers, and understand how to mobilize them.

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Grasstops Targeting

Elected officials and regulators are often drowned in outreach from special interests and constituents.
At the end of the day, they listen to those they know and trust.

The Social Graph identifies concentric circles of influencers surrounding legislators, regulators, members of the media, executive branch officials, and more, both in DC and in any state capital or municipality in the country. By allowing you to target the networks of friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family surrounding key decision-makers with advertising, we help you create the impression that your cause is backed by widespread spending and public interest. We can maximize the power of your message at the lowest possible cost.

Grassroots Targeting

Those with skin in the game make the most dedicated and impassioned advocates.

Our Social Graph can individually identify employees of a company, members of a union, and supporters of a cause. We can also determine which of these likely influencers have pre-existing relationships with policymakers or other key targets of your advocacy campaign. This strategy allows companies, trade associations, and other advocacy groups to quickly activate and leverage their pre-existing networks of support, without needing to start from scratch building a grassroots army in every state and municipality where they are doing battle.

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