Applecart Advocacy

We deploy our proven Social Graph technology to help advocacy organizations identify, persuade, and mobilize their targets in Washington and around the country.

Our Offering

Applecart Advocacy works at every level


Pressuring decision-makers in Washington.

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Rallying activists and mustering grassroots support when and where you need it.

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In Washington, D.C.

The Social Graph reveals concentric circles of influence around legislators, regulators, executive branch officials, and judicial branch personnel in and around D.C. By saturating the networks of key decision-makers, we create the impression that your cause is generating widespread spending and public interest. We can maximize the power of your message at the lowest possible cost.

In Your District

We use the Social Graph to pinpoint the networks around key local leaders and critical supporters that traditional microtargeting misses. By messaging directly to the people who influence your targets, Applecart can get around the gatekeepers and frame the informational environment to your advantage.

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