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Applecart helps political organizations win their most challenging races by providing them with a unique technological advantage.

Applecart on Bloomberg's "With All Due Respect"

Sasha Issenberg, author of The Victory Lab, and John Heilemann discuss how Applecart’s Social Graph technology was used to change the game in the 2016 presidential primaries.

Revolutionizing voter targeting

Traditional approaches to targeting sort voters based on basic demographic or geographic variables. This helps campaigns when individual political differences align well with demographic splits in the broader population. Sometimes, variables like race, income, and marital status tell you everything you need to know about who a voter will support and what message will resonate.

But demographics only explain so much.

What happens when two people who look alike respond to different messages or support different candidates? Even if a demographic group splits 80/20 for one party or candidate, unless you have a way to find the 20%, you're just leaving persuadable votes on the table.

That's where we come in.

Demographics and consumer data alone cannot tell similar people apart. Applecart processes billions of data points that reveal real-world relationships between voters. We exploit hard-to-get data sources like newspaper articles, websites, and yearbooks and use them to build our proprietary Social Graph. The Social Graph is a map of relationships between voters.

People spend time with people who share and inform their views. As a result, when we situate voters in the networks of people that they know, we can better predict their attitudes. We can also leverage these networks to influence and reinforce their views and habits. This gives our clients a full view of who is influencing whom - and how a campaign can exploit those relationships in real-time.

The Social Graph offers our clients a decisive advantage.

We have helped dozens of the most sophisticated campaigns - from the State House to the White House to:

Target voters with unparalleled accuracy

Motivate voters to turnout at unprecedented rates

Discover untapped donor communities

Identify influential voters in key target communities

Help volunteers tap their networks

Find new voters to register

Influence the press and key endorsers

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