Their Network. Your Message.

Who you know shapes how you think and what you do. Applecart's Social Graph technology allows our clients to identify and leverage real world relationships between their customers and their closest connections.


leveraging political data for the social graph


Learn how we use political data analytics to power the most sophisticated campaigns.

voter targeting and political analytics
Applecart leverages the social graph for advocacy


Discover how businesses and advocacy organizations use the Social Graph to shape legislative and regulatory outcomes.

targeting influencers with grasstops and grassroots targeting


Explore how commercial customers can deploy the Social Graph across a range of markets.

Advertising and marketing analytics for consumer targeting

Our Platform

Applecart's Social Graph platform uses publicly-available data to build a dense, accurate, and actionable map of real-world interpersonal relationships nationwide. Brands, organizations, and political campaigns use our commercial and political data to leverage the voices of their existing customers and supporters to influence their most important targets.

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