We believe in the power of social relationships to influence and inspire.

We believe that people don’t make decisions in a vacuum. That’s true for corporate executives, legislators, employees, investors, journalists, voters, and more. If your success depends on the actions of a limited number of decision makers, you need a strategy for locating and educating those they listen to. Our platform provides the intelligence that sophisticated organizations use to power their strategy for winning over key decision makers.


Dorm Room-Built, Battle-Tested

In 2012, as undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania, our founders read a fascinating Yale University study that demonstrated that social influence was a powerful motivator to get people to vote in elections. Recognizing that the majority of US elections are extremely low turnout (fewer than 30% of people vote!), they realized you could harness the power of social influence at scale to elect better people to office all across the country. Applecart began as a platform to do exactly that and has since helped to elect dozens of great candidates across the country--in races for every office from the State House to the White House. That experience taught us about the degree to which voting isn’t the only decision that people make based on the actions and opinions of friends, colleagues, family members, and neighbors. We realized the same data could power better investor, employee, and customer relationships for major companies, as well as more effective advocacy for leading nonprofits and issue organizations. Today, Applecart is powered by dozens of mission-driven team members in New York City, dedicated to serving hundreds of major companies, nonprofit organizations, and, of course, outstanding candidates for office.

Meet Our Leadership

Matt Kalmans

Co-CEO and Co-Founder


Sacha Samotin

Co-CEO and Co-Founder


Ari Emanuel

CEO, Endeavor


We are proud to be built and run by a talented team of world class data scientists, data engineers, and strategists from companies like

Our New York Headquarters

Our team occupies nearly 10,000 sq ft in the heart of New York City, just a few blocks from Times Square and Penn Station.

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