Careers at Applecart

We are a team of best-in-class strategists, statisticians, machine learning experts, engineers, and operations pros. We utilize our unique combination of political, business, and technical experience to build scalable, data-driven solutions to address the toughest problems facing the nation’s largest political, nonprofit, and corporate organizations.

A "social network" is far more than an online communication platform; it is the foundation upon which every consequential decision gets made. That's why we've made it our mission to map every real-world relationship between two people, and to leverage the totality of those human relationships to achieve path-breaking results.

Up for a challenge? Want to make real-world impact a part of your daily routine? We want the brightest minds to join the Applecart team.

The Applecart Story

“Their story reads like a film treatment: Three college students—all politics junkies—meet through their involvement in campus politics and hit it off. From their dorm rooms, they launch a political technology business. Soon after, they are hired to turn around two gubernatorial races in elections where the candidates are underdogs. They not only succeed in flipping the races and getting their candidates elected, they gain prominence as one of the nation’s leading campaign data and analytics firms in the process—all while trying to keep up with their homework…”

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What Our Team Has to Say

"My work on the Data Science Team at Applecart is a balance between researching, prototyping, and rigorous software development. Alongside me, there is a world class team of data scientists and data engineers, readily available to discuss lofty ideas or provide constructive criticism. At Applecart, my team is given the space to focus on the quality of the product, while challenging the status quo, in a fast-paced and exciting workplace."

Katy Ghantous, PhD Data Scientist

"If there’s one thing that everyone at Applecart has in common it is an intense intellectual curiosity, which creates a really collaborative work environment. The company is genuinely flat, and is the kind of place where you’re given a lot to do, but the freedom to choose how to do it. The culture and opportunities here make it a place where you are genuinely excited to go work each morning."

Anurag Chinepalli Product Analyst

"I joined Applecart because it's doing things other firms can only imagine. We're the only company that combines the energy of a startup, the creativity of a public affairs firm, the sophistication a leading technology company, and the passion of a political campaign."

Luke Thompson, PhD VP of Politics and Advocacy

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