April 1, 2024

Employee Spotlight: Tej Desai, Head of Advertising Agency Partnerships at Applecart

By Tej Desai, Head of Advertising Agency Partnerships, Applecart

Tej Desai is the Head of Advertising Agency Partnerships at Applecart, where he brings Decision Maker Marketing programs to global media agencies. Tej previously held executive leadership positions at Interpublic Group, GroupM/WPP, and most recently, Dentsu. To read his recent blog, “Going Beyond the Media Agency Brief”, click here.

Tell us about what you did prior to joining Applecart:

I was a global client leader at several advertising agencies and holding companies over the years. I led teams of high performing media experts for great clients like Intel, Subway, Marriott, GE, and Hasbro. 

Why did you decide to join Applecart?

I found the technology fascinating and applicable to so many different use cases. This role also allows me to stay connected with the agency world I know and love, but also to do something new. 

What is your favorite Applecart use-case?

My favorite use case is how agencies can use Applecart for their own marketing and especially, when pitching new business to target the key decision makers from pitch consultants to end clients themselves. 

What should people outside of Applecart know about Applecart?

People should know it’s a great place to work with really smart, motivated people from diverse backgrounds. 

Give us your best fun fact:

I got a gift certificate at my high school graduation for a flying lesson. After one lesson I was hooked, and though I never got my license, I logged many hours and even landed a single engine cessna at JFK!